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Shape-Cut Portraits: Down Payment

Shape-Cut Portraits: Down Payment

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This item is a down payment to reserve a Shape-Cut Portraits commission space. 


Fill out the "Shape-Cut Portraits Commission Form” on our page and purchase this item to secure your commission space!

- 1 of 1 Collaborative Painting by Katie Curcio & Harry Crank
- Custom Shape-Cut Wood Panel (12”x12” Maximum)
- 1/2” Medium Density Fiberboard
- Coated in a Protective, Clear-Gloss Art Resin
- Signed Certificate of Authenticity Label on Back
- Ready to Hang
- Paid in Two Transactions
  (Down Payment 50% and Final Payment 50%)
- Free Shipping 

If you are interested in a larger size, please let us know at We can discuss pricing for special orders. 

Production Length:
Each painting typically takes around 15-25 days from confirmation date to shipping date. Deadlines may be requested initially on the “Shape-Cut Portraits Commission Form” or via email at We will try to meet all requested deadlines on time, but there is no guarantee that we can meet every deadline.

Shape-Cut Portraits are paid in two transactions for a total of $250. 
- "Shape-Cut Portraits: Down Payment” ($125)
    - Paid prior to production to reserve commission space.
- “Shape-Cut Portraits: Final Payment” ($125) 
    - Paid after production, prior to shipping (free shipping).

After filling out the “Shape-Cut Portraits Commission Form" and purchasing this down payment, you will receive a "Proof & Approval Form" to verify the details of your order and view a sample image of your commission. Once we receive final sign-off on the "Proof & Approval Form" (online), we will begin production on your commission piece, and this payment will become non-refundable.

Upon commission completion, a photo of the final piece will be emailed to the buyer, along with a link to the second half of the payment, the “Shape-Cut Portraits: Final Payment” ($125). After purchasing the “Shape-Cut Portraits: Final Payment”, your commission painting will be shipped and a tracking number will be sent to you via email.


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