Wildlife artist. portrait painter.

Katie Curcio

I love painting wildlife and critters I find along my travels. All of my paintings are based off of photographs that I take on my adventures around the planet.

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About Katie

Growing up in the rural area of Bristol, VA, I developed a love for the highlights of the region. Bristol is known for its music culture and the surrounding natural beauty, both of which heavily influenced my interests as an adolescent. I have loved art since the day my mom taught me how to draw a horse when I was in kindergarten, prompting me to then teach all of my friends how to draw horses. Later on, I studied visual art and art history at James Madison University, and received an art education license. 

After college, I taught as an elementary art teacher for 3 years in a rural Virginia school.

My art heavily focuses on what inspires me, which often includes artistic people or the wildlife of the region.

Artist Statement

Through my art, I feel that I am able to communicate in a manner much more significant than I ever could with words. While art is a means of communication, it is also an act of freezing time and documenting moments in a deeply personal and expressive way. When I am in the process of creating is when I feel the most alive. Painting keeps me rooted and tunes me into my surroundings and my experiences. My ultimate goal as a painter is to capture those intense moments of inspiration, authenticity, and beauty.​​

Art Shows

Intemann Gallery: Feb-April 2023
The Perch: June 2022

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