Art at the Intemann Gallery- Manitou Springs, CO

Art at the Intemann Gallery- Manitou Springs, CO

We've done a thing! After our big move out west from Virginia to Colorado, we have found our first art display in our new home of Manitou Springs. 

Both our artists, Harry Crank and Katie Curcio, are displaying work in The First Amendment Show at the Manitou Art Center's very own Intemann Gallery. The First Amendment Show is a huge collection of artworks created by the local artists of Manitou, and is up on display from February 3rd- April 1st. 

Katie has two pieces on display for the show. Folk Musician is an extremely textured, expressive oil painting from 2021, of an energetic folk singer she photographed at the Richmond Folk Festival in 2019. While Float is a soothing, patterned scene of bright colors, depicting a photo of Harry swimming in Lake Salisbury. 

Katie and her painting "Float" at the Intemann Gallery

Harry also has two works on display, both from his recent series of resin coated paintings "Making Faces". Party Faces is a large colorful pattern of quirky faces, cut from MDF board and painted with stencils and spray paint. The other work is also a shape-cut spray painting called Quad Faces, which shows four unique friends all smiling together. 

Harry Crank and his art at the Intemann Gallery

Come see these pieces, and so many more, in person! Details below

515 Manitou Ave, Manitou Springs, CO 80829

Tuesday to Thursday 10am - 6pm
Friday & Saturday 10am - 5pm
Sunday & Monday CLOSED

Visit Manitou Made to view and purchase any work in the show.

Visit the Manitou Art Center (MAC) online

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