Katie with Two Pet Portrait Commissions

Pet Portrait Commissions are here!

We are now offering unique, collaborative paintings of your pets! These custom cut painting make great gifts for friends and family, anyone with a fur covered or feathered friend.

We have been working together to create a fun, one-of-a-kind painting style that involves both of our strong suits. Harry does the file work, cuts the custom shape MDF board canvases, and coats the final piece in resin, while Katie brings your pet portrait to life with her eye for color and expertise with oil paints. 

These unique pieces of art really pop. From the glossy shine of the resin, to the beautiful details of the painting, our custom shape cut canvases are sure to bring a special twist to your home. 

To commission a painting for you or a friend, check out the link below!
Pet Portrait Commissions by Florp Studios


Check out some of our Pet Portraits 

Wallace with Pet Portrait Head

Harry with Pet Portrait CommissionKatie with two Pet Portrait Commissions

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