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Harry's Shape Faces: Down Payment

Harry's Shape Faces: Down Payment

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This item is a down payment to reserve a Harry's Shape Faces commission space. 

Fill out the "Harry's Shape Faces Commission Form” on our page and purchase this item to secure your commission space!

- 1 of 1 Spray Painting by Harry Crank
- Custom Shape-Cut Wood Panel (12”x12”)
- 1/2” Medium Density Fiberboard
- Coated in a Protective, Clear-Gloss Art Resin
- Signed Certificate of Authenticity Label on Back
- Ready to Hang
- Paid in Two Transactions
  (Down Payment 50% and Final Payment 50%)
- Free Shipping 

If you are interested in a larger size, please let us know at We can discuss pricing for special orders. 

Production Length:
Each painting typically takes around 15-20 days from confirmation date to shipping date. Deadlines may be requested initially on the “Harry's Shape Faces Commission Form” or via email at We will try to meet all requested deadlines on time, but there is no guarantee that we can meet every deadline.

Harry's Shape Faces are paid in two transactions for a total of $200. 
- Harry's Shape Faces: Down Payment” ($100)
    - Paid prior to production to reserve commission space.
- Harry's Shape Faces: Final Payment” ($100) 
    - Paid after production, prior to shipping (free shipping).

After filling out the “Harry's Shape Faces Commission Form" and purchasing this down payment, you will receive a "Proof & Approval Form" to verify the details of your order and view a sample image of your commission. Once we receive final sign-off on the "Proof & Approval Form" (online), we will begin production on your commission piece, and this payment will become non-refundable.

Upon commission completion, a photo of the final piece will be emailed to the buyer, along with a link to the second half of the payment, the “Harry's Shape Faces: Final Payment” ($100). After purchasing the “Harry's Shape Faces: Final Payment”, your commission painting will be shipped and a tracking number will be sent to you via email.


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