Graphic Design

With a bachelors degree in graphic design, and proficiency across Adobe Creative Suite, my expertise lies in crafting visually captivating brand identities and delivering creative solutions. Through meticulous attention to typography, color theory, and composition layout, I seamlessly translate concepts into compelling visuals. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of visual communication and creative problem-solving, I excel in creating logos, print materials, and digital graphics that resonate with target audiences.

  • Florpfest 2023 Poster

    This poster design was created for a music & arts festival in Virgina & features over 60 bands/artists. The hierarchy of visual & text elements allows for a clear, concise composition.

  • Manitou Springs Bus Wrap

    Utilizing aspects of Katie Curcio's painted works, this bus wrap design combines typography with a collage of paintings, & highlights Manitou Springs' pollinators & remarkable scenery.

  • Branding & Package Design

    This project transformed artist Katie Curcio's original paintings into a collection of profitable products with a consistent brand theme & product packaging that highlights key details.


Illustration & Animation

My proficiency in illustration and animation reflects a versatile skill set encompassing both traditional and digital techniques. From character design to concept art, I excel at creating evocative imagery that captures audiences through bold, visual storytelling. Utilizing a blend of traditional media and digital illustration, I bring unique visual styles to life, crafting expressive characters and immersive scenes.

  • Doug the Duck Animations

    These short 2-D cartoon animations follow my original character, Doug the Duck, on his silly adventures. I design each animation to repeat seamlessly at the end to create a never-ending loop.

  • 48-Hour Film Animation

    This stop motion animation depicts a character's dream sequence & utilizes both stop motion animation as well as video effects. It was created in just a few hours during the 48-Hour Film Project.

  • Seamless Pattern Illustration

    In addition to simple graphic t-shirt designs- I also design pattern illustrations that can be repeated seamlessly & endlessly across larger print areas.


Video Editing & Social Media

With a combination of both technical skill and social media knowledge, I am able to weave together footage and visual effects in an engaging and captivating way that hooks viewers and retains their attention. I have experience managing video content across multiple platforms, ensuring a consistent and engaging brand presence, and crafting tailored content strategies that resonate with diverse audiences. By harnessing trend analysis and analytics, I optimize content to drive user engagement while maximizing reach and impact.

  • Let's Make Some Art

    This series of videos follows the creation of a single work of art & engages the audience with a bold visual hook & keeps their attention with a quick cuts & a detailed narration (& closed captions).

  • Did You Know?

    These 1-minute videos captivate viewers with a strong typographic hook in the beginning of each short. This series marries intriguing behind-the-scenes footage with a related intriguing fun fact.

  • Tricks, Trends & Algorithms

    By utilizing trending video formats & sounds in combination with attention grabbing tricks that hook the audience, I am able to boost engagement & interest in my content.


Murals & Painting

With murals from Quito, Ecuador to Richmond, Virgina, I have handled a wide variety of public art projects, including painting elevated murals from atop a bucket truck lift and preparing 100-year-old brick walls for long mural life-spans. In addition I also have experience installing commercial signage & vinyl wraps/decals as well.

  • Sharing Smiles Mural

    Painted on 3 panels, this 96 Square-foot mural depicts a pattern of bold, colorful smiling faces & represents a community of diverse, unique individuals all living in harmony with one another.

  • Chesapeake & Ohio Mural

    This elevated, 480 square-foot, historic mural was designed by the 1717 Design Group Inc. & painted on the side of a 100-year-old brick building by utilizing large scale stencils & scaffolding.

  • Making Faces Series

    A series of resin-coated spray paintings depicting original characters making wacky faces. These one-of-a-kind works are custom shape-cut MDF canvases painted with stencils and spray paint.

Additional Skills

I possess a remarkable knack for comprehending systems and system intricacies, consistently identifying opportunities to enhance efficiency. This insight allows me to not only excel in my individual role, but also to collaborate seamlessly within teams, functioning as a strong team player. Problem solving is one of my greatest assets, enabling me to address challenges with creative and effective solutions. I am quick to learn new software and applications, picking up on their functionalities swiftly. My personable nature and skills in UX/UI further enrich my ability to contribute meaningfully to a diverse range of projects.

  • Pre-Press, Print, & CNC

    Throughout my career I have learned how to properly set-up a multitude of projects for print, as well as how to operate machinery for digital, offset, & screen printing. In addition, I can operate both CNC blades & routers.

  • Website/Web Store Design

    Whether it's designing a compelling landing page, improving SEO or creating an immersive online store, I have conceptualized & crafted visually appealing websites that prioritize user experience & workflow to convert leads into sales (including this website).

  • UI/UX

    My expertise in UI & UX design enables me to create pages & products that are not only visually engaging, but also highly functional & user-friendly. I am skilled at creating user journeys that prioritize efficiency, satisfaction, and a deep connection with the product.

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Artist Statement

Based out of Manitou Springs, Colorado, Graphic Artist Hank Frank's work blends the worlds of illustration & art with his bold, colorful paintings. Influenced by the wildly exaggerated cartoons of the late 90's & early 2000's, Hank's work leans heavily on strong, dark lines complemented by bright, saturated colors- and often centers around light-hearted, fun subject matter. His eye-catching patterns and happy characters represent ideas of inclusivity, diversity, and community, while brightening the area and bringing smiles to people young and old. 

Over the past decade, Hank has painted murals from Quito, Ecuador to Richmond, Virginia, and has displayed work in a variety of venues and galleries. His goal is to travel the world creating murals that spread cheer and bring people closer together.

More About Hank

In addition to being a creative individual, I also enjoy being active, spending time outdoors, and exploring with my partner, Katie, and my dog, Wallace. Biking and Hiking are two of my favorite ways to spend a nice day, but I am also very interested in cinema- With my favorite genre being sci-fi and animated features.